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We have been researching and developing API by our own technique based on generic synthesis research of patent- expired finished products and it leads to manufacturing finished products and export.
Furthermore, weĦŻve established our future research direction to Innovative New Drug.
We have been planning to maximize drug effects through Drug-combination and develop new X-ray contrast agent.
We have been performing various projects for new drug development in gene therapy and bioactive substance field to discover lead compounds. We have been focusing on establishment of the foundation technique against malignant tumor, cardiovascular disease, Infectious diseases, immunization disease etc. and discovery of various biomaterials. Furthermore, we have been extending our research field to the manufacturing process development and the optimization research of Genetic materials to aim at the global market.
1) Gene Therapy Research
  - VM202RY : Peripheral Artery Disease and Cardiovascular treatment
  - VM206RY : Breast cancer vaccine
  - Hepatitis B virus therapeutic vaccine
2) Anticancer drug,Immunosuppressive drug, Anti-Alzheimer's disease drug and many others